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Habit Light

Tracking your habits easily and subtle.

Habit Light


Habit light is a student project created to manange your daily habits in a pleasant way.

Every one of us feels the pressure of modern life weighing on us at times. To cope with that, we often sacrifice our personal well-being until the signals of our body can’t be ignored any longer. Especially in home offices or jobs with upcoming deadlines, things like exercise or a healthy sleep are neglected too often. Some try complicated apps or timers to plan a break, but they often turn out to add to the stress. We thought, there had to be a more intuitive way to remind us of our health andcreated a visible display/Ambient light to track it anytime.


Ambient light combines a visual panel and interactive app to create a modern tracking device. Use the four simple stats to track your daily activity and watch Ambient light turning it into a beautiful glow of colours. The more healthy you live, the more harmonic the set of colours get. If you wish, you can personalize the pre-set range of colours and their meaning to your individual preferences. This way we want you to motivate you to achieve your favourite pool of colours and of course: your best condition of health.

Controlling your Habit Light with your App

Four simple stats is all you needInstead of confusing about a dozen statuses, ambient light focuses on the most important for you: screen time, exercise, productivity and sleep.
Your stats manifest in subtly glowing lights and will adjust to your lifestyle. Change the meaning of the colours individually if you wish and set your goals to achieve your favourite pool of colours.


View our website here.


Habit Light was the solution to abstract thinking in our semester project after investigating different opening and closing mechanics. We registered that there is a clear power of relations - objects make us act a certain way.
We act with them and they act with us.

We decided to make use of this fact and impact everyones life positively.
Our daily habits as designers usually involve a lot of sitting, affecting our health and our body.

Having a gentle reminder can improve our personal choices, helping to change our long term behaviour and impact our life in a positive way.

Task Distribution

Alexandra Haag:
website programming, website layout programming, pictures, animation, final prototype, app design, pictures editing

Daniela Heider:
website layout design, pictures (editting, final edit)

Daniela Karg:
texting, helping in website layout programming

Lara Köse:
illustrations, incom post, texts, pictures, app design


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Prof. Daniel Rothaug

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Wintersemester 2018 / 2019