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MIA - a resource-saving assistant


MIA is a student project created to fight against the waste of resources. It is a fictitious concept, however, the technical capabilities already exist and can be used in the near future.

Resource consumption rises daily and is a burden for our planet and our purses. We start from where the most power comes from, just ourselfes. In order to watch our consumption behaviour MIA helps us to improve our source spending.

Resources become a problem

If you take a look at the drastic development of the world's population, you will soon realize that our resources are becoming increasingly scarce. While the waste is ignored today because we are well, we face a problem in the near future. More people mean more consumption but when our world is used up we have no alternative anymore. There will be no world in which we and other generations can live comfortably.

We have to counteract to preserve our world and stay prepared for the future.

A concept for sustainability

Our behavior influences the consumption of resources. In many processes in our households, we consciously or unconsciously open or close objects that influence consumption. In most cases, opening will cause a consuming process to stop when the consumption is closed.

Data is everywhere and smarthomes spread all over the world. If we take a look at our own homes we will detect a lot of sources that use resources. If we even look closer, a big amount of our consumption is superfluous but in most cases we don't recognize that.

To answer this circumstance we have developed a concept that automatically integrates into our home and optimizes the processes of opening and closing.

At it's core MIA gives us the ability to increase our sustainability. Furthermore, Mia opens our eyes to the not-obvious waste of resources, gives us tips and guidance on how to adjust our consumption habits and connects us with other enthusiasts.

MIA core features

consumption tracking

Track your resource consumption and learn more about sustaining behaviour.

smarthome integration

Mia connects seamlessly to your smarthome devices and improves the use of resources.

emsense ready

Connect with your emsense device to use touch recognition of resource consumers

speech control

Talk to MIA, ask her for your ecological footprint, tips and your network status.

intelligent leafes

Read your daily status with a look at MIA, the leafes will tell you how your behaviour is.

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Together we are strong

Perhaps you think that your resource saving is not relevant but we have to keep an eye on the network. If everybody cared about his environmental correctness the amount of saving would scale up immensiveliy.

Imagine saving 2 euros a day with MIA, how much would 1 milion people save? The same calculation can be made with 2 liters of oil, 5 kilowatt hours of electricity and many other resources. And keep in mind, the world population is currently almost 7 billion people.

The MIA app connects you with other enthusiasts. With the app you can check your status, challenge friends and get valuable tips on how to save resources. Also a count of the network savings is shown.


MIA emerged from an open semester project after exploring many processes of opening and closing. We always came back to the point where we found that everything we do has an effect, sometimes very drastically.

The issue of sustainability is becoming ever more relevant and we hope that in the year 2030 we will be able to live in a world without war for basic resources.

Today we are fine, let's do something that will continue in the future.


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Prof. Daniel Rothaug

Zugehöriger Workspace

IA Multimedia-Gestaltung Rothaug


Wintersemester 2018 / 2019


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